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Preventive Emergent Model to develop secure software

José Carlos Sancho
Project presented in the #JNIC2019. Cyberattacks are expected to increase along with its sophistication, that affects to business systems and infrastructures. The introduction of new emerging models that develop #securesoftware from the beginning is considered as necessary. This contribution presents a real experiment carried out by a Spanish company of software development that belongs to the IBM group. The result of the revision allows to propose a new security software methodology from the beginning adapted to the current business environments. It offers a novel comparison of results between two development scenarios. First scenario is a reactive classic security approach and the second is an emergent and preventive approach that applies security from the beginning in the software life cycle. The reduction of 66% of the vulnerabilities and the minimization on the temporal impact in the resolution of software security flaws, denote that the proposed emergent model provides a more secure software from the beginning than the classical approach. This methodology also substantially improves the time spent developing software at the company.