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EP03 - Early detection of ransomware on Android

Lucía Álvarez González and José Antonio Gómez Hernández
The ransomware constitutes a threat of great impact for the security of equipment and users. On the one hand, it affects the confidentiality, integrity and especially the availability of our systems. On the other, by the economic extortion that it entails for the end user or company when demanding a ransom for the "potential" recovery of the kidnapped resources. In this context, the paper is the result of the article presented and awarded at the III National Cybersecurity Research Conference (Madrid, 2017). In it, a novel method for early detection of ransomware based on the interaction of this with the operating system is exposed. More specifically, we detail its implementation on Unix platforms, and we outline its transfer to other platforms. It also analyses the current situation of this type of malware and the response mechanisms against this growing threat.