Álvaro Núñez - Romero Casado

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Álvaro Núñez - Romero Casado

Enthusiast of technology, computer security and maker world. Has carried out various projects aimed at hardware hacking and research for the integration of the maker world and Cybersecurity.
Currently it’s works in the laboratory of Telefónica's Cybersecurity Unit, ElevenPaths. Image and Sound Engineer. Master in Information and Communication Technologies Security.
Teacher at different Spanish universities. Universidad Internacional de La Rioja, Universidad Castilla La Mancha, Centro Europeo de Postgrado in Cybersecurity Masters. Instructor at Udemy platform. Speaker in different international and national conferences: BlackHat Europe in 2017 and 2018, Navaja Negra, HoneyCON, Sh3llCON, EuskalHack, h-c0n, ApiDays or TomatinaCON, among others.
Author of Arduino for Hackers: PoCs & Hacks just for Fun by 0xword.