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CyberCamp will offer an ambitious programme with plenty of talks, exhibitions, technical workshops, etc. As in past editions, topics and speakers chosen for this event intend to discuss current topics of general interest, which will be presented in such an appealing manner that you will be hanging on to their every word to hear all the facts and observations.

These talks will undoubtedly be complemented by the questions posed by the audience during the question time. The possibility of having experts in the field solve your doubts will appeal to even the most anxious attendees.

Conferences / Talks / Presentations

 These sessions are master classes given by prominent personalities in the different fields of cybersecurity. CyberCamp is once again gathering highly-reputed speakers and national and international experts.

You can join us for as many sessions as you want. We are confident that you will enjoy them and they will make you want to learn more about these fascinating topics.

Consult the Conferences and talks program in our Agenda. 

Technical workshops

 As practising and playing around are necessary too, there will also be experts giving demonstrations on the topics that are currently trending in cybersecurity.

Learn new techniques, find out about the latest research and gain the most knowledge you can to improve your skills and exploit your potential with these workshops.

Consult the workshops program in our Agenda.