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Josep Albors

Lecture: Myths and truths about threats to industrial control systems

Cybersecurity Workshops for Parents (cyberadviser)

Josep Albors is the Head of Awareness & Research at ESET Spain. He's a security expert with more than 12 years working in cybersecurity and specialized in malware research. He is also the editor at the ESET Spain blog and one of the experts writing at the international ESET blog... more

Julián Prieto Hergueta

Workshop: Spanish Agency of Data Protection

Degree in law from the Complutense University of Madrid. He has practiced as a lawyer and has held different positions in the Spanish Administration, in the Homeland Ministry, where he worked for more than 20 years with refugees and in the General Directorate of Traffic for one year.

Since November 2010, he has been working for the Spanish Data Protection Agency, first in the Directorate's Cabinet and, since March 2012,... more

Lórien Doménech Ruíz

Workshop / Presentation: INCIDENTS IN THE CLOUD ... AND NOW WHAT ?, AS FAAS

Head of Digital Forensic in Prosegur Cybersecurity, Graduate of Information Systems Engineering.

After some time in his own enterprise specialized in cybersecurity, Periciales Informáticas, audits Tics, and computer appraisals; joins Prosegur Ciberseguridad to open the Digital Forensic line.

In addition to the direction of the forensic line and DFIR, he performs part-time work in the... more

Lucía Álvarez González

Chat / Workshop: Early detection of ransomware on Android

Graduated in Engineering in Telecommunication Technologies from the University of Granada, and currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Telecommunications Engineering from this University. Her interests are focused on Cybersecurity and communications.

Luis Fernández Prieto

Lecture: Cybercrimes: in clarity and in darkness.

Head of Development at INCIBE

Computer engineer from the University of León, he has twelve years of experience in the technology sector, particularly in the area of Cybersecurity.

Manuel Guerra

Workshop: WhatsApp autopsy

Forensic Analyst of the Technical Section of the Central Unit of Technological Research; National Police. Researcher specialized in crimes committed through new technologies or with the help of these, especially those crimes that require advanced technical knowledge for their persecution.

Professor in different Spanish Universities, both in Degrees, as Professional Master courses or Masters, related to Cybercrime and Cyberlaw.

Speaker... more

Manuel Camacho

Talk / Workshop: World of Wordpress

He is currently "Senior CyberSecurity Analyst" in SVT Security Services, coordinator of the audit team. Senior technician in computer systems administration, senior technician in telecommunications and technician in network security. He is part of the staff and technical staff of "Qurtuba Security Congress". Member of the staff, since its inception, of Hack & Beer.

... more

Marco Antonio Lozano

Talk: Companies and SMEs: cybersecurity is not an option

Marco A. Lozano Merino, Software Engineering & Degree in Computers Technology by SEK University of Segovia with more of 15 years working in companies of various areas extending from the Media to the Public Administration as an IT Consultant. After working in ISDEFE as a Security Consultant, today is an IT Security Technician & Cybersecurity Expert of Spanish National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE), that depends... more

Mario Guerra Soto

The Navy Lieutenant Engineer Mario Guerra Soto is native of Santander, where he studied Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Cantabria. He joined the Army Corps of Engineers in September 2004. Since September 2013, he has been assigned to the Joint Cyber ​​Defense Command, performing his duties in the Digital Research Group of the Chief of Operations. He holds a Master's Degree in Information and Communication Technology Security from the Open University of Catalonia and a Master's Degree... more

Miguel Carrillo

Talk / workshop: BadUSB

Technician in Microsystems and Networks. Student of the post-graduate course Specialist in Computer Security and Information by the UCLM. Security analyst in Mnemo.

Miguel Hernández Boza

Lecture:  Security in free social networks. Attacks and threats.

Engineer in Telecommunications by the University of Zaragoza (UNIZAR) and Master in Cybersecurity by the University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M). Computer security analyst. Lover of CTFs, programming and AI.

He has invested the last years of his professional career in Spanish multinationals, such as Telefónica or BBVA (i4s), in research and innovation of new procedures for detection of fraud,... more

Nico Waisman

Lecture: The unbearable lightness of IPMI

Nico Waisman began to investigate the offensive aspect of computer security 20 years ago, reaping experience in all areas, from vulnerability analysis to the development of Trojans.

Nico is an international expert in the development of heap overflow and has taught government and business sectors around the world, presenting some of his research at conferences such as BlackHat, Pacsec, Syscan, Ekoparty and many more.... more