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Carmen Torrano

Carmen holds a PhD in Computer Science from the Carlos III University of Madrid. He developed this PhD, specializing in computer security and artificial intelligence, in the Higher Council for Scientific Research.

She currently works as a senior researcher at ElevenPaths, Telefónica's cybersecurity unit.

He also works as a teacher at universities such as UCLM and UCAM.

Carmen has published in numerous conferences and relevant journals in the area of computer security and... more

Chema García

Taller: Traceando movimientos laterales el día d.

Member and co-founder of cybersecurity think tank THIBER, with more than ten years of experience as an independent security researcher, is a contributor and author of open source projects on forensics, pentesting and incident response.

Claudio Chifa

Workshop: To cloud or not to cloud: Automating security audits and hardening in cluod systems.

Claudio is an expert in cybersecurity with more than 15 years of experience and recognized certifications behind him. His interests include forensic sciences and cloud computing.

Claudio has given talks and talks in different public forums, he is also a regular collaborator of different associations of experts and FCSE as the national police and civil guard.

Currently,... more

Consuelo Martínez López

Talk: Mathematics in the evolution of cryptography.

Professor of Algebra at the University of Oviedo. His line of research is framed in the theory of non-associative Groups and Algebras, including the study of algebraic applications in Coding and Cryptography. Research stays in the universities of Yale, Chicago or in the KIAS of Seoul, working with E. Zelmanov. Lectures at the universities of Yale, Ottawa, Paris VII, Oxford, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Rutgers, Madison, Iowa... more

Daniel Echeverry

Lecture: Hacking TOR & Freenet for fun, profit and stop the evil

Inspirational talk: Hacking your attitude

Trainer and researcher of computer security and hacking. Author of the blog thehackerway.com and of the books "Python for Pentesters", "Hacking with Python" and "Deep web - Privacy and anonymity in TOR, I2P and Freenet" published by the publisher 0xWORD.

Known for the nick of "Adastra" and for his collaborations in the... more

Daniel Fernández Rodríguez

Workshop competition: Welcome to the world of the CTF

Dedicated fully to the field of computing since 2006. I started developing my skills as a computer repairman, however, soon I started to carry out projects in the most commonly used languages such as PHP, Javascript, ASP.NET technology. and x86 assembler.

Daniel García (cr0hn)

Technical workshop: Create your own Hacking platform with Docker: distributed, scalable, cheap and easy to maintain

David A. Cortejoso Mozo

Cybersecurity workshops for parents (cyberater)

Speaker as ''Expert in Risks of New Technologies in Minors for the Technological Institute of the Government of the Canary Islands in November 2012'', he has extensive experience in lectures in various schools and institutes on Risks in Minors in the face of New Technologies.

Eduardo Sánchez Toríl

Lecture: Geolocation user bots in Telegram

Computer Engineer. Professor of Professional Training in the specialty of Computer Systems and Applications. Technical Researcher at onBRANDING. Professor of UCLM in the Higher Degree of Specialist in Computer Security and Information and UNEX in the Course of Professional Expert in Technological Law and Computer Forensics. Judicial expert specialized in forensic analysis of mobile devices. Master in Security of the ICTs of "Networks... more

Enaitz Ezpeleta

Chat / Workshop: New Paradigms of Content-Based Analysis for the Detection of Spam in Social Networks

Doctor, researcher and professor in the group of Intelligent Systems for Industrial Systems of Mondragon Unibertsitatea. His thesis focused on new methods of content-based analysis for the detection of sending spam on social networks.

He is currently working on research projects mainly related to data analysis, as well as on the use of Big Data technologies in the... more

Enrique Serrano

Lecture: Am I already a hacker? Professional development of technicians, opportunities!

Starting with 14 years in the world of hacking, Enrique is passionate about technologies, computer security and innovation, he has been a co-founder of Mundo Hacker for more than 10 years, an entrepreneur in several companies and part of the IBM Security team. In addition to repeating another year in CyberCamp, Enrique has written books, appeared in different television programs and... more

Ernesto Fernández Provecho

Lecture: Testing UAC in Windows 10.

Computer Engineer from the University of León and Master in Cybersecurity from the Carlos III University of Madrid.

He has developed various safety tasks in unmanned aerial vehicles as part of the Drotium project. Collaborator in open source projects such as Metasploit Framework.