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What is the Cybersecurity Job & Talent Forum?

The Online Cybersecurity Job & Talent Forum is a virtual event organised to help contact the most relevant entities in the Cybersecurity field with joung talents and future professionals. 

If you are passionate about cybersecurity and are looking for your opportunity, you can not miss the V Employment and Talent Forum in online Cybersecurity. It is a virtual event organized to connect the most relevant entities in the field of Cybersecurity with young talents and future professionals who want to orientate themselves at a training or work level to this professional sector.

In order to facilitate your assistance, the event has been organized using a 3D platform that allows multi-device access, from anywhere, at any time.

To whom is this forum addresed?

  • If you are a recruitment agencie searching to incorporate cybersecurity experts to your teams, this is your chance to contact talented professionals. 
  • If you are a Trainig center or University, in this event you can give visibility to your training programs and contact with new students interested in make their way in a sector with great proyection chances.
  • If you are looking for a job or a training opportunity in the cybersecurity field, benefit for this oportunity to contact with the most representative entities in the sector, all gathered in a single place during the forum celebration.

For more information you can download Informative dossier of the Online Employment and Talent Forum (.pdf).

Where and when?

The Online forum will be available from november the 26th until december the 10th of 2018 through a   virtual platform accesible from different devices, from anywhere and anytime.

With you avatar, you will able to visit the companies and training centers stands, talk and share your información just like in the real live.

While the Cybercamp event, taking place this year in Malaga, between november, the 29th and december the 2nd, an access point from where to vitsit the Virtual Job & Talent Forum will be enabled (Polo de Contenidos Digitales, old Tabacalera building).

Why attend?

If you are looking for a job or a training opportunity in the cybersecurity field you can access to:

  • Information about every participating organisation.
  • Conection to your social networks and web pages.
  • Chance to send your curriculum to the job offers that interest you.
  • Information about specialised cybersecurity training.
  • Oportunity to request more information to every institution or consult informative material.

We present the list of participating entities in the V Forum of Employment and Talent in online cybersecurity!

Companies and Recruitment EntitiesCompanies

  1. Idavinci
  2. Panda Security S.L.
  3. A2Secure
  4. Ingeniería Integración Avanzadas (INGENIA), S. A. 
  5. EMETEL Sistemas S.L. 
  6. INTEC 
  7. EY 
  8. View Next 
  9. SCASSI Ciberseguridad 
  10. GMV Innovating Solutions, S.L. 
  11. Proconsi
  12. Mnemo
  13. Factum IT
  14. Áudea Seguridad de la Información
  15. R3 CyberSecurity Consulting S.L.
  16. Innotec System S.L.U.
  17. Ingeniería de Sistemas para la Defensa de España (ISDEFE)
  18. Vector ITC Group
  19. JTSEC Beyond IT Security S.L.
  20. SOTHIS
  21. Advantio Ltd
  22. Ecija Legal, S.L.U.
  23. Prosegur Ciberseguridad
  24. Deloitte Advisory S.L.
  25. S2 Grupo de Innovación en Procesos Organizativos S.L.U.
  26. NUNSYS, S.L.
  27. Gradiant
  28. Can Be Cloud, S.L.
  29. MINSAIT, an INDRA Company
  30. Sistemas Avanzados de Tecnología, S.A. (SATEC)
  31. PricewaterhouseCoopers Auditores, S.L.
  32. EULEN Seguridad, S.A.
  33. Grant Thornton
  34. Accenture
  35. WhiteBear Solutions, S.L.
  36. Innotalentum
  37. s21Sec

Training Centers and UniversitiesTraining

  1. Universidad de Castilla - La Mancha 
  2. Universidad de Granada 
  3. Universidad Internacional de La Rioja
  4. Expertos en Servicios de Consultoría EXES S.L. 
  5. Instituto de Ciencias Forenses y de la Seguridad de UAM
  6. Escuela Internacional de Postgrado - Factor Humano Formación S.L.
  7. Universidad Rey Juan Carlos 
  8. TechHeroX S.L. 
  9. Inesdi. Digital Business School 
  10. IMF Business School 
  11. Escuela de Hacking ético - Comunix Group S.L. 
  12. Fundación In-Nova
  13. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
  14. CISDE - Campus Internacional para la Seguridad y la Defensa
  15. Centro Cultural y Deportivo Tajamar
  16. Universidad de Cádiz
  17. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
  18. Universidad de León
  19. Universidad de Málaga (Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería Informática)
  20. UPC School of Professional & Executive Development

Previous editions

 The summary videos of previous editions are available at: