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Do not miss this opportunity to receive a personalised coaching service to get to know yourself better and review the strategies you use to reach your professional and training objectives, including personalised improvement advice for your own scenario.

What does it include?

This is a coaching service provided by expert Human Resources consultants who will help you identify your employability skills and take future steps to achieve your training and professional goals more successfully.

Based on your needs, you will be able to choose the most convenient type of service for you:

  • How can I improve my CV? We walk you through a review of your CV to determine which aspects can be improved and to step up your presence on social networks. 
  • How can I pass a recruitment process? Based on an interview simulation, we will provide you with practical advice to help you successfully prepare for your future recruitment processes and navigate the situation with more confidence. 
  • Unlock your potential. This session is designed for students in their last year of compulsory secondary education and above (typically age 16 and older), to work specifically on the importance of transversal skill in the corporate world and the learning opportunities that arise during training stages to acquire or improve skills such as team work, leadership, or communication.

We recommend bringing a copy of your CV to be able to provide a more personal assessment.


Where and when?

From 27 to 30 November, coinciding with the celebration of CyberCamp 2019.

The coaching service will be provided from two especially fitted rooms on the second floor of the convention centre of Valencia. Make an appointment at the information booth and they will indicate the exact location of the rooms.

Sing up

The appointment can only be made in person. At the entrance to CyberCamp you will find an information booth where our assistance staff will help you find the most suitable type of session for you.