Call For Papers

Following the assessment of every proposal recieved and considering aspects as innovative character, practical approach and live demostrations for workshops. CyberCamp jury chose the following: 

  • Aarón Flecha Menéndez
  • Alfonso de Gregorio
  • Eduardo Sánchez Toril
  • Francisco Jesús Rodríguez & Manuel Guerra
  • José Luis Verdeguer
  • Luis Martín Liras
  • Miguel Ángel Arroyo Moreno
  • Pablo González & Carmen Torrano
  • Pedro Candel
  • Rafael Sánchez & Francisco J. Gómez Rodríguez
  • Ricardo J. Rodríguez
  • Rubén Martínez Sánchez
  • Ruth Sala
  • Wiktor Nykiel & Iván Portillo


For any questions, contact the email address below: c f p @ c y b e r c a m p . e s