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The call for papers for CyberCamp 2019 is now open.

Don’t wait - send in your proposal before 10 October!  

Do you already have your proposal? Tell us about it and you could have the chance to be a part of the CyberCamp 2019 programme

CyberCamp 2019 will have an ambitious programme that will be made up of masterclasses, technical workshops and cybersecurity talks. As in every edition, we will have world-class speakers, as well as national and international cybersecurity experts in various fields and matters of current affairs and interest.

Following the success of previous editions, this year the model structure of the CyberCamp program will be repeated with the Call for Papers, where anyone interested can present their conference or workshop proposal, as long as the theme revolves around the field of cybersecurity. This year the proposals presented may fall into 5 categories:

  • Cybersecurity keynote talks and presentations.
  • Hands-on technical workshops given as Master Classes.
  • Technical workshops for beginners in cybersecurity.
  • Inspirational and talent promoting talks.
  • Awareness-raising and outreach talks about cybersecurity.

Deadline for receiving proposals

The period for receiving proposals to participate in CyberCamp 2019 is from 19 September 2019 at 16:00 UTC+02:00 to 9 October 2019 at 23:59 UTC+02:00.

Procedure for presenting proposals

To submit proposals, please follow the procedure described in the Call For Papers Rules of Participation:

  1. Submit the document application for participation in the CFP to  within the established time frame, indicating as the subject «CFP CyberCamp 2019».
  2. Once the application is reviewed, the organising team will send you instructions via email on how to send specific proposals.
  3. Sending the proposal form to the management tool. There is a form for each type:



Each candidate may only submit 1 proposal per type and a maximum of 2 proposals in total. In the event more than one is submitted to a type, the first one received will be considered.

For any doubts or questions don't hesitate to contact us at the following email address:   c f p @ c y b e r c a m p . e s