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Opened registration

Cybercamp 2015 is the meeting place for young talents, families, entrepreneurs and anyone interested in cybersecurity. It will be held in the BarclayCard Center of the Community of Madrid from 27 to 29 November.

To register, please view the link: Once completed the form, users receives a confirmation in their email with the accreditation to participate in the activities of Cybercamp 2015

Once completed the form, the user receives a confirmation in your email with the accreditation that can come and participate in the activities of Cybercamp 2015.

Over the four days of the event, people will enjoy educational and fun activities related to the world of cybersecurity, and will attend lectures and workshops given by important figures and experts of the cybersecurity community. Likewise, the companies and organisations most representative of the world of cybersecurity and communication networks will provide activities aimed at promoting interest in studies, professional specialisation, and entrepreneurship in the sphere of cybersecurity.