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CyberCamp and INCIBE select the Spanish Cyber Security team

INCIBE will bring the ten most talented young people from Spain in cybersecurity, selected following their participation in the 2014 CyberCamp CTF, to the European CyberSecurity Challenge, a competition that will bring together, in Switzerland on 21 and 22 October, the best young talent in IT security from various European countries with the aim of being a meeting point and community collaboration area and determining which country has the best cybernetic talent

To settle which country wins, participants will have to resolve tasks related to different aspects of security, such as web security, mobile security, cryptographic problems, reverse engineering and forensics, accumulating points as they solve each test.

INCIBE, as part of the CyberSecurity Challenge organising committee proposed by ENISA and the European Commission, has been training participants in soft skills and technical training. The methodology of this training was based on ethical hacking, in which various subjects were addressed, such as Web Security, Crypto Puzzles, Reverse Engineering and Forensics, (Secure) Programming, Penetration Testing, Attack & Defense, Linux/Windows/MacOSX Security, Mobile Security).

The objective was to ensure that the Spanish team reaches the competition with the best preparation to participate and represent Spain.

The second phase of online challenges opens from 6 October

Moreover, INCIBE is implementing the second phase of the CyberCamp 2015 individual technical challenges from 6 October. The period for these challenges will run to 15 October.

As in the first edition, from the opening date, new test categories will gradually be unblocked. Points will be awarded each time a different test is passed. This way, we will be able to identify the areas each participant is best in and thus select the best potential experts to compete in the final stage.

Around 900 participants took part in the first phase of this competition.