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‘TodayNO’ app bullying won the award ‘HackForGood’ of INCIBE

INCIBE- HackForGood award to the best cybersecurity challange solution was granted to the project ‘Today NO’, of the team NOSMURFS, HackForGood Cáceres, from the Polytechnic School of Cáceres.

TodayNO project, is an application that allows children suffering bullying to contact with psychologists and social workers through a chat, camouflaged in a famous game.

As a reward, the winners will go to the Cybersecurity Hackathon that will take place at CyberCamp 2016.

TodayNO Project was the winner of all projects submitted in HackForGood Cáceres, regardless of its thematic. The project proposes a solution to one of the most important problems in our society. NOSMURFS team is composed by Daniel Llanos and Sergio Casero students at the Polytechnic School of Cáceres (Spain).

HackForGood is a programming marathon held at the same time in 14 Spanish cities, including León, where Spanish National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE) is headquartered. More than 1,000 participants from 20 Spanish universities have pooled their assets and ideas to propose more than 300 challenges, and have developed 120 technological applications to resolve social problems.

Among the winners we can find very different projects as “MyEyes”, a low cost glasses with a camera integrated voice controlled to help people visually impaired; ‘Systerminal’, an application that replaces the traditional model of curriculum and interview with another one where the candidate proves his/her worth solving practical challenges; or ‘Bike explorer’, an application that analyzes and predicts the use of bicycles  in Valencia. They got the firts three awards.

For further information, you can watch the video about the project awarded by INCIBE and about the prizes.