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2nd Edition of CyberOlympics: Cybersecurity Olympics for Schools

Promote your school and your students' talents! Our goal is to create a safe cyberspace raising awareness and inspiring future experts to pursue careers in the field of cybersecurity.

This autumn the Spanish National CyberSecurity Institute (INCIBE) is to organise the second edition of the Cybersecurity Olympics targeted towards all Spanish secondary schools, high schools and vocational training schools.

CyberOlympics is a team championship that tests participants' technical skills in the different areas of new technologies and Internet security. The championship is carried out in two stages: the first stage will be held online during the months of October and November, and the final stage will take place in-person on 2 December at the event CyberCamp 2016, which this year celebrates the third edition of the competition and for the first time will take place in the city of Leon.

Each school will be able to take part with a team of students between the ages of 14 and 18 years old. The top 10 schools from the online challenges will have the chance to receive awards at the face-to-face challenge during the event CyberCamp 2016. This year five centres will opt for the awards of the championship, which include funding for the schools consisting of technological equipment and an individual prize for all members of the finalist teams, in addition to recognition from INCIBE for the school and the students.

Don't miss out on your chance! Taking part in the event only requires motivation, curiosity, enthusiasm, Internet skills and the ability to learn in addition to some knowledge of IT, programs and networks. Start looking for the strongest members to form your school's team right away at this second edition!!!

All information regarding the CyberOlympics (participation rules, entry dates and requirements) and about the CyberCamp 2016 event will be available from the beginning of the next school year in the section CyberOlympics.