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Javier Tallón

Javier Tallón

Expert Consultant at Common Criteria

@JTSecES https://www.linkedin.com/in/javitallon

A short trip to the Baremetal Hardware Hacking.

How I ended up setting up a company to dedicate myself to cybersecurity.

Expert consultant on the Common Criteria standard and other security assurance standards in the field of the information technology (FIPS 140-2, ITSEC, ISO 27K1, SOC 2, ENS...). Javier has served as an evaluator in the Spanish CB for the country major evaluation labs. As a consultant, he has successfully accompanied national and international companies in several certification processes (to EAL5+). His experience has led him to participate as a speaker in various editions of the ICCC (International Common Criteria Conference). He is also Cyber Security Teacher, giving classes of Secure Software Engineering at the University of Granada.

In 2015 he begins to lay the foundations of what will be jtsec. He currently works as Chief Operations Officer (COO) of the Granada site from where the company develops most of the work. Recognized expert in various disciplines of cybersecurity (reversing, exploiting, web, ...), assumes the technical direction of most of the projects, directing and organizing the work of the team. He also leads the Research and Development area, encouraging the participation of the jtsec team in multiple Congresses.