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Daniel Echeverri

Daniel Echeverri

Founder of the THW Academy and THW Labs platforms

@jdaanial https://es.linkedin.com/in/adastra1

Python + Darknets: Discover, analyse and extract information from hidden services

Trainer and researcher in the field of security information and ethical hacking. Author of the blog "thehackerway.com" and writter of the books "Python para Pentesters", "Hacking con Python" y "Deep web - Privacidad y anonimato en TOR, I2P y Freenet" published by 0xWORD. He is known by his nickname "Adastra" and for his collaborations in projects related with information security. He has been participated in various events in Spain and Latin America as speaker. In his professional activity has developed tasks releated with software development, software architecture, servers administration and multiple security audits and trainings.