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Results of the selection process

Many thanks to all of you for the exceptional welcome you have given the Hackathon!

All the records of past editions have been broken, not only in terms of the number of proposals, but also in terms of their quality. Your interest has been such that, from the organization of Cybercamp, we have to expand as much as possible the places available for the competition. So that, instead of 32, there will finally be 43 places available. The agreement on the decision to extend the places for the competition is contained in the resolution of modification of the rules to expand the number of participants

It was impossible for us to accept all the proposals for logistical reasons, so, after a long deliberation, this is the result of the selection:

  • Proposals selected for the Hackathon:
    • ABLEx: Autenticador externo por BLE
    • CyberWatcher: SSOP+C40 - Safe and Secure Owner Password
    • IoT Vigilant: IoT Vigilant
    • iSecurity: Intelligent Security
    • Lolcathost: Enitsda
    • Ontic: Iuris
    • Phish n Chips: Fastphish
    • T1GR3$: Airo-Heat
    • UnicornTeam: ASSAP (Anti Shoulder Surfing Attack Platform)
    • UVaNoobs: BlueFingerprint
    • Zel: Stuk
    • ZEVENET TEAM: Smart DDoS filter
    • zionSpartans: Wall-do
  • First three proposals on reserve list:
    • N1: Atlas
    • NICS: SecurityAssistant
    • WifiAsir: Blackguard Net

Thank you very much again for participating!

Duration of the hackathon

The Hackathon will be held during the CyberCamp 2018, in Malaga, from November 29 to December 2 and will consist of the following main phases:

  • Presentation of the proposal to the jury and the rest of the teams.
  • Project development.
  • Presentation of results to the jury and the rest of the participants.
  • Publication of results.

Travel and accommodation

The organization will provide free accommodation in a hotel close to the event and will provide the travel within the national territory for all participants whose proposal is selected to compete in the Hackathon of CyberCamp 2018, always governed as indicated in the rules of participation.


Each one of the members of the best ranked teams will be given the following technological prizes:

  1. First prize of the Hackathon: professional laptop or equivalent for each member of the team that obtains the highest score in the Hackathon.
  2. Second prize of the Hackathon: ultrabook or last generation computer or equivalent for each member of the second best ranked team.
  3. Third prize of the Hackathon: professional tablet or equivalent for each member of the third best ranked team.
  4. Special mention to the best rated project presented entirely by students: next-generation tablet or equivalent for each member of the best classified project carried out entirely by students, provided they have not received one of the prizes described above.


Once again we will have an expert jury, who will advise the teams throughout the Hackathon, providing guidance and resolving their doubts. It will be integrated by:

  • Vicente Aguilera (@VAguileraDiaz, Head of Audit Department - Internet Security Auditors).
  • Jose Selvi (@joseselvi, author of Delorean - Prosegur Cybersecurity).
  • Daniel García [cr0hn] (@ggdaniel, Security researcher + SecDevOps - Innovation Lab BBVA).
  • Óscar García Gutiérrez (@INCIBE, Development Technician of INCIBE).
  • Raúl Siles (@raulsiles, Founder and security analyst at DinoSec).


You can follow the competition directly in CyberCamp 2018 or through video streaming.

If you have any question, please contact with us via: h a c k a t h o n @ c y b e r c a m p . e s