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Bring your children to CyberCamp 2015 and discover if they are real CyberScout!

Children start using the Internet at a very young age and with very little knowledge about the potential risks or predicaments that exist in Cyberspace. On many occasions it is difficult to explain and transmit certain concepts, conducts or behaviours that young children should be aware of when accessing the Internet. For this reason, and because they are children, what better way to learn than by playing?

At CyberCamp 2015 we will implement an initiative called “CyberScouts”. In it, young children will not only be able to compete in the different challenges to see who has the most cybersecurity culture, but also, and more importantly, acquire knowledge to use Internet services more safely.

The event will have the following activities for these children:

  • CyberSecurity APP: 20 children, a limited time and different challenges in the form of games, videos and questions will be the ingredients that will take one of the participants to the top. Rounds will take place throughout the event, and the winner will take away a prize.

  • CyberSecurity Gymkana: put your child in a team and perhaps they can achieve glory as winners. The participants must demonstrate their knowledge about cybersecurity through the different tests in the different rounds held during the event.

  • CyberBoard: Who knows the most about cybersecurity – children or parents? A giant board and the speed and knowledge of the teams will put the winners on top of the podium.