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Thanks you for the participation! The list of selected proposals will be notified in the next days.

What is Hackathon?

A Hackathon is a collaborative software (or hardware) development meeting or event held over a short period of time in a playful environment. The term combines the words hacker (a restless person, anxious for knowledge, an expert enthusiast, often associated with software, hardware and technology) and marathon (in the sense of a competitive, collective experience with a common goal).

Objetives of the CyberCamp Hackathon

The hackathon of CyberCamp is a prestigious competition recognized by the cybercommunity. The hope of the fourth edition is to go further and increase the quality and the utility of the projects developed in the competition.

The contributions done during the Hackathon provide new capacities for the cybersecurity community, achieving results in a short time. Additionally, we expect a continuity and a future evolution of the contributions and tools developed. ''Hackathon should be only the beginning...''

  • What's more, the Hackathon has the following objectives and benefits:
  • Identification of talent and technical and creative skills of the participants.
  • Provide an educational environment (teaching and learning) for the improvement of investigation skills and software development.
  • Be an opportunity for the development of social skills, promoting collaboration, teamwork and networking.
  • Development of skills and experience in a competitive environment with the support of an expert jury.
  • Improve the interaction with the cybersecurity community to solve real problems.
  • A recreational setting that promotes enjoyment and entertainment.
  • Enhance the idea of "the Hackathon is only the beginning ...". There is a continuity and a future evolution of the contributions and tools developed.

Duration of the Hackathon

The Hackathon will be held during the CyberCamp 2019, in Valencia, from November 27 to 30 and will consist of the following main phases:

  • Wednesday 27 (from 18:00 hours): public presentation of the selected proposals to the jury and the rest of the teams.
  • Thursday 28 and Friday 29: development of the project.
  • Saturday 30: presentation of projects. Publication of results and awards ceremony in the closing ceremony of the CyberCamp event.


Once again we will have an expert jury, who will advise the teams throughout the Hackathon, providing guidance and resolving their doubts. 

  • Vicente Aguilera (@VAguileraDiaz, Director of the Audit Department - Internet Security Auditors).
  • Jose Selvi (@JoseSelvi, author of Delorean - NCC Group).
  • Javier Marcos (@javutin, cibersecurity researcher).
  • Óscar García Gutiérrez (Operations Management Technician from @INCIBE).
  • Raúl Siles (@raulsiles, Founder and security analyst of DinoSec).

Registration and participation in the Hackathon

The participation will be made by teams of between 1 and 4 members.

To participate in the Hackathon, the interested teams must select an open source cybersecurity tool, solution and / or application on which they wish to make their developments, improvements and contributions, and send their proposal to the selection committee.

Read the participation rules carefully, and register before Thursday, October 24 of 2019 at 23:59 CET, using the registration form that you can download here.

Stay tuned for updates to this website and our social media profiles, where we will tell you all the details and ... get ready to show your talent in the Hackathon of CyberCamp 2019!

Travel and accommodation

INCIBE will manage and cover the cost derived from travel and accommodation for the selected participants who do not have their habitual residence in Valencia.

Previous hackathon editions

Details of previous editions of the Hackathon are available at:


We will answer your questions through our email address: h a c k a t h o n @ c y b e r c a m p . e s

We also encourage you to join our Telegram group https://t.me/cybercamphackathon, in which interesting information is shared, both from the organization and the community. In this group you can:

  • Formulate doubts that you consider to be of general interest.
  • Find people interested in the same areas as you, if you want to participate in the Hackathon but you haven't a team.
  • Propose an interesting project to be developed in the Hackathon.
  • Adopt any of the suggestions proposed in the group.