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What is Hackathon?

A Hackathon is a collaborative software (or hardware) development meeting or event held over a short period of time. The term combines the words hacker (a restless person, anxious for knowledge. An expert enthusiast, often associated with software, hardware and technology) and marathon (in the sense of a competitive, collective experience with a common goal).

Objetives of the CyberCamp 2017 Hackathon

In the Hackathon of CyberCamp 2017, every team compete versus other teams to develop and to improve tools, solutions and/or aplications of open cybersecurity code, new or previusly developed, creating new funcionalities, improvements or innovative capacities to the free software choosed.

Participants must challenge themselves to the extreme, collaborate in a team and demonstrate their knowledge of security and their development skills. The best projects will win the competition.

Nowadays Hackathon is a prestigious competition reconized by the cybercomunity. The hope of this edition is to go further and increase the quality and the utility of the projects developed in the competition.

The contributions done during the Hackathon provide new capacities for the cibesecurity society, achieving results in a short time. Additionaly, we expect a continuity and a future evolution of the contributions and tools developed. ''Hackathon should be only the beggining...''

What's more, the Hackathon has the following objectives and benefits:

  • Identification of talent and technical and creative skills of the participants.
  • Educational environment (teaching and learning) for the improvement of investigation skills and software development.
  • An environment that facilitates the development of social skills, promoting collaboration, teamwork and networking.
  • Development of skills and experience of a competitive environment.
  • A recreational setting that promotes enjoyment and entertainment.

What's new in the Hackathon 2017

This year, as novelty, the teams had the possibility to compete with more developed projects. They could work in projects previously developed by themselves, and they exposed the projects to the jury and the rest of participants during the initial evaluation of the competition. In the competition, the teams developed their proposals, and finally they exposed the whole project and the improvements developed.

The final evaluation considered the value, utility and the developments of the project done during the competition. The jury, the own particiapnts and the competitors propose what should be done in each project.

The last editions are available in the 2016 website and 2015 website.


The duration was 3 days during the CyberCamp 2017 event in Santander: It started the friday 1st of december and finished the sunday 3rd of december.

Displacement and accommodation

The organitation provide the displacement and the accomodation for every integrating of the project teams selected to compete in the Hackathon CyberCamp2017.


The best teams obtained the following technologic awards:

  1. First prize: a professional tablet for every member of the winning team.
  2. Second prize: a next generation tablet for every member of the team in second place.
  3. Third prize: a next generation smartwatch for every member of the team in third place.

In addition, this year there was a special special mention to the best classified project presented by students. The price is a Raspberry Pi device kit for each of the members of the project team.


After 3 days of intense competition, hours without sleep and hard work, we can already announce who has been awarded this year. We congratulate Ontic, Mupadmex Crew y Return0.

Next, you will see the final ranking of the winners along with the name of the tool and its repository:

  • FIRST: Ontic (RFMap)
  • SECOND: Mupadmex Crew (Maltrail)
  • THIRD: Return0 (Droid Sentinel)


The rest of the classification is the following:

  • 4º.- Malware Scanner (Malware Scanner) 
  • 5º.- CyberWatcher (CyberWatcher)
  • 6º.- Follow the White Rabbit (Harvey Unchained)
  • 7º.- MontseHack (JustChaCha)
  • 8º.- PsaCrypt (Secured Hash)
  • 9º.- Trojan (Toth – Transport Oriented to Hive)

From the organization of the Hackathon we want to thank all the participants for your presence, dedication and sportsmanship. It has been a real pleasure to share these days with you.

See you at Hackathon 2018!


To choose the best teams, we have an expert jury:

  • Vicente Aguilera (@VAguileraDiaz, Director of Internet Security Auditors).
  • José Selvi (@joseselvi, author of Delorean - Prosegur Cybersecurity).
  • Raúl Siles (@raulsiles, Dinosec founder and senior security analyst).
  • Daniel García [cr0hn] (@ggdaniel, Security researcher + SecDevOps - Innovation Lab BBVA)
  • Carolina Gómez (@Sh3llCON organization)
  • Oscar García (Development technician - @INCIBE)

Selected proposals

The following proposals have been selected for participation in CyberCamp Hackathon 2017. The name of the team is indicated by alphabetical order and, in parentheses, the name of the proposed tool:

  • CyberWatcher (CyberWatcher)
  • Follow the white rabbit (Harvey Unchained)
  • Malware Scanner (Malware Scanner)
  • MontseHack (JustChaCha)
  • Mupadmex Crew (Maltrail)
  • Ontic (RFMap)
  • PsaCrypt (Secured-Hash)
  • Return0 (DroidSentinel)
  • Trojan (Toth – Transport Oriented to Hive)

Final score:

  • 1 - Ontic (RFMap) : 93,428 points.
  • 2 - Mupadmex Crew (Maltrail): 88,715 points.
  • 3 - Return0 (DroidSentinel): 83,872 points.
  • 4 - Malware Scanner (Malware Scanner): 81,182 points.
  • 5 - CyberWatcher (CyberWatcher): 79,913 points.
  • 6 - Follow the white rabbit (Harvey Unchained): 78,941 points.
  • 7 - MontseHack (JustChaCha): 75,057 points.
  • 8 - PsaCrypt (Secured-Hash): 64.264 points.
  • 9 - Trojan (Toth – Transport Oriented to Hive): 44,928 points.

Registration and participation

If you have any question, please contact with us via: h a c k a t h o n @ c y b e r c a m p . e s