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Promote your school and the talent of your students!

Our objective is to build a secure cyberspace raising awareness and inspiring future experts towards a cybersecurity-oriented career

INCIBE, through CyberCamp, organizes each year the cyber security Olympics, aimed at Secondary Education, Upper Secondary Education and Professional Training Centres at a Spanish national level.

CyberOlympics is a championship where teams compete, testing their technical abilities in different fields of internet security and new technologies through skill challenges in war game mode.

The championship will be developed in two phases; first an online qualifications where 10 best teams will be qualified to compete in the grand final face-to-face. To participate only requires motivation, curiosity, desire, ability to learn and skill in the use of the Internet, and additionally some knowledge in computer science, programs and networks.

As a result of an intense competition, these are CyberOlympics third edition winners. Congratulations!


CyberOlympics 2017

  1. Ciberalisal - IES Alisal - Santander
  2. MontseByte - Colegio Montserrat - Madrid
  3. Alberties - IES Rafael Alberti - Cádiz
  4. Wannacry17 - IES Blas de Prado - Camarena (Toledo)
  5. IES POETA PACO MOLLÁ - IES Poeta Paco Mollá - Petrer (Alicante)