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CyberCamp: Previous editions

Please feel free to join us on a trip back in time where we will remember everything that has happened during the past editions of CyberCamp. There is much to see and we are looking forward to improving and making CyberCamp greater with each new edition.

CyberCamp 2018

Programa CyberCamp 2018

From November 29 to December 2,Málaga became the world capital of cybersecurity. CyberCamp 2018 was distributed in two spaces: Polo de Contenidos Digitales which will host workshops and competitions; and the Museo Automovilístico y de la Moda de Málaga, where the activities for families and the main talks were concentrated.

As a summary:

  • More than 29.000 followers
  • Talents:
    • CyberOlympics
      • 232 centers
      • 1.631 participants
      • 75 finalist competitors
    • CTF
      • 404 online participants
      • 45 finalist competitors
    • Hackathon
      • 14 teams
      • 43 finalists
  • Technicians
    • 40 conferences and workshops
    • 51 experts 
    • Online cybersecurity job and talent forum
    • Coaching corner
  • More than 40 activities for families
  • Social Networks:
    • 300.000 impressions on Twitter
    • more than 37.000 impressions on Facebook

All the talks and workshops are now available on our Youtube channel.  Do not miss anything!

CyberCamp 2017

Programa CyberCamp 2017The fourth edition of CyberCamp was held in Santander (Spain) from November 30 to December 3, 2017. As a summary:

  • More than 24.000 followers
  • Young talents:
    • CyberOlympics
      • 167 centers
      • 1.143 participants
      • 70 finalists
    • Individual CTF
      • 546 participants
      • 43 finalists
    • Hackathon
      • 9 teams
      • 28 finalists
  • Technicians an professionals
    • 56 conferences and workshops
    • 57 cybersecurity speakers
  • Families: more than 40 awareness activities 
  • Social Networks:
    • 480.700 impressions on Twitter
    • 25.400 impressions on Facebook

CyberCamp 2016

The third edition of CyberCamp, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of INCIBE, was held in León (Spain) from December 1 to 4, 2016. As a novelty we had 2 simultaneous venues and we had more than 15,000 attendees in-site and more than 7,000 attendee´s on-line in live.

One more year we bet on detect and promote talent in cybersecurity, through:

  • a comprehensive conference program, talks and technical workshops,
  • technical competitions,
  • activities aimed at employment in cybersecurity: online cybersecurity talent and job fair, coaching corner and networking game

CyberCamp 2016 was the national reference meeting point for families and citizens, making an unprecedented deployment taking the leap towards a spectacular tent where took place the following activities:

  • CyberScouts Competitions
  • Theatre: Stories about the internet
  • DIY workshops
  • Hackers vs CyberCrooks
  • Virtual Adventure
  • Cibersecurity Musical
  • Contest CreaComic
  • Cibersecurity Workshops for parents
  • Cybersecurity Workshops for students and teachers
  • Cybersecurity Initiation Workshops

In short, it was a year in which to celebrate, with the whole city of León, our tenth anniversary by bringing them, even more if possible, cybersecurity.

CyberCamp 2015

The second edition of CyberCamp intended to have an even wider outreach, broadening the scope of the event and combining a number of activities aimed to raise awareness among families and young people. As a result, CyberCamp became a meeting point for young talents, families, experts and anybody else who was interested in cybersecurity. We managed to double the number of attendees, gathering over 10,000 people who were interested in a field that –because of initiatives such as CyberCamp– is increasingly popular and becoming a reality in people's daily lives... Cybersecurity!

2015 was also the year when CyberCamp introduced its official mascot, Botillo, a character created to get children involved and used as a graphic representation of the activities for children.

As a result, it was a year where we were able to readjust those aspects that we noticed could be improved in the previous edition; activities were enhanced and knowledge accumulated was adequately applied so we could create another unforgettable event.

CyberCamp 2014

The first edition of the event took place on 5th, 6th and 7th December 2014 in Madrid (at the Casa de Campo, Pabellón Multiusos I). Prominent experts and stakeholders from both public and private spheres in cybersecurity took part even during early stages. Over 5,000 people participated in the activities intended for families, students, professionals and job seekers. 

This year we realised that there is a strong interest in cybersecurity in our country, made clear from the high participation level and interest generated before, during and after the event. As a result, we were looking forward to holding another edition, even more ambitious if possible.

2014 was the year when our biggest cybersecurity event came into existence and set a high standard for future editions.