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CyberCamp 2019 dissemination kit

The objective of this kit is to support the dissemination of the event through various media using the different creatives and messages. You can find all the resources and the guide to use the kit on this page.


It is very important that you respect both the image formats that we offer in the kit and the messages. If you need to make any adaptation about them, please write to  d i f u s i o n @ c y b e r c a m p . e s to request permission and explain the reason.


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(only available in Spanish version)

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There are 2 official versions of the CyberCamp logo. You can use any of the 2 versions depending on your needs but always respecting the formats and proportions presented.

CyberCamp Shield


Shield in .PNG - Shield in .EPS  |    Valencia in .PNGValencia in .EPS


Standard format

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