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What is CyberCamp?

CyberCamp is the major cybersecurity event that INCIBE organizes on a yearly basis for the purpose of identifying, appealing, managing and contributing to the creation of talent in cybersecurity that can be transferred to the private sector according to its demands. This initiative is one of the tasks that the Trust in the Digital Sphere Plan, included in the Spain’s Digital Agenda, has requested INCIBE to carry out.






Our objectives are:

  • Identify professional trajectories of young talents. We help you to guide your career path!
  • Reach families through technical activities, awareness and dissemination of cybersecurity for all. We bring you closer to the world of cybersecurity!
  • Awake and promote cybersecurity talent through workshops and technical challenges. Here you can promote your talent!

Why should you attend?

Because CyberCamp helps you to:

  • Test your skills.
  • Make the most of the professional development opportunities available.
  • Present your projects.
  • Develop your talent.
  • Broaden your technical knowledge.
  • Learn about cybersecurity through games.
  • Meet people like you, who share your interests.
  • Find amazing opportunities.
  • And much more... Nobody wants to miss it!

If you cannot come, do not worry because we broadcast our Workshops and Conferences live through videostreaming.

Where and when 

The sixth edition of CyberCamp will be held from 27 to 30 November at the Palacio de Congresos of Valencia.


For general purposes, contact us through the mail c o n t a c t o @ c y b e r c a m p . e s.