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INCIBE's role in the competition CyberCamp bicampeon

INCIBE  plays a decisive role as a representative of Spain in the Steering Committee of the European Cyber Security Challenge, in which relevant decisions are taken every year regarding the format, design and rules of the competition.

INCIBE shows a strong commitment to the objectives of the competition, which are aligned with different initiatives carried out in terms of talent promotion in the field. In recent years these actions have led to an ecosystem of detection, identification and attraction of talent in cybersecurity, in collaboration with training centers, universities and private companies, always seeking the complementary action of the initiatives that other agents are developing for professional training.

In every edition of CyberCamp, INCIBE selects the best Spanish cybersecurity young talents to compete in the next edition of the ECSC. As soon as the Spanish team has been selected, INCIBE provides high level advanced training with the objective of creating a high performance team, in which the sum of capabilities in different technical disciplines allows a good performance of the team in competition.


Do you want to be part of the national team?

In order to be part of the national team that represents Spain each year in the European Cyber Security Challenge, you must participate in the CyberCamp competitions, which constitute the national qualifying phases.

Specifically, selection criteria focuses on 2 mandatory requirements:

  • Be under 25 years old.
  • Participation as a finalist in the CyberCamp competitions of recent years (individual CTF, CyberOlympics or Hackathon).

In addition, in this phase of selection, the rules of composition of teams stipulated by ECSC must be respected:

  • 5 people between 18 and 20 years.
  • 5 people between 21 and 25 years.


INCIBE selects 25 candidates among the best talents identified in the national CyberCamp competitions. INCIBE is responsible for assessing the individual technical capabilities of each of the 25 selected through technical tests and specific challenges.


From the results obtained on the previous phase, 15 people are selected to be members of the national team.

Members of the Spanish team receive two face-to-face training sessions at INCIBE headquarters to develop technical and soft skills required to form a high performance team.

INCIBE gives opportunities to new talents every year, but maintaining the knowledge and seniority of participants from past competitions, so the resulting team has a renewal rate of 40% of its members in each edition.


formaciónformación en INCIBE

Show what you are capable of and you will have the possibility of being part of the Spanish team to represent Spain in the next European competition!

What benefits will you get?

Undoubtedly, participation in the European competition is a unique professional and personal experience that will allow you to obtain valuable learning for your future job.

  • Leading training in cybersecurity at INCIBE facilities. Each year INCIBE provides technical and soft skills training with the aim of creating a competitive team.
  • Representation of the Spanish team. You will become one of the members of the national team that will face the best young talents in Europe.
  • Unique and cultural experience in the country of celebration. You can meet more than 200 representatives from 20 European countries through different leisure activities, convivial meals and, of course, during the competition.


Participantes en ECSC 2018

If you want to be one of the members of the national team in future editions, go ahead and participate in the CyberCamp competitions! You can be one of the chosen ones!

Participantes en Londres

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