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Bucharest, Romania

The sixth edition of the European Cyber Security Challenge competition will take place on October 9,10 and 11 in the city of Bucharest, Romania. During those days, the best young European talents in cybersecurity will face each other in search of victory.

In this edition, among many other novelties, it will return to the classic mixed CTF with two modalities:

  • Jeopardy: Traditional CTF that will include different categories (web hacking, forensics, reverse engineering, exploiting, cryptography, steganography and others). Participants will also face hardware hacking tests.
  • Attack and Defense: Each team will have its own infrastructure with a series of vulnerable services.

Participant countries

Currently, the number of participant teams involved in the project is a set of 20 European countries, 18 of which are participants and 2 observers. The competition grows every year, acquiring greater relevance and international visibility.

It is an event with a great international projection. Participants get an enriching experience, marked by the competition environment.

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