Secure Software Development Tournament


In the competition for secure software development of CyberCamp 2016, the participating developers will compete against other software developers solving multiple security challenges in order to demonstrate their knowledge and skills when it comes to programming, assessing and creating secure code. Each participant will choose their programming language from a set of available programming languages.

The participants should push themselves to the limit to demonstrate their security knowledge and skills for secure software development. The developers that solve the challenges successfully, according to the assessment criteria, will be chosen as winners of the competition.

Software and all of the new technology associated with it suffer from numerous security weaknesses and vulnerabilities nowadays. Many of these weaknesses derive from the lack of good, secure programming practice on behalf of the development teams and the individual developers. With the aim of tackling the root of the problem from a different perspective, the competition for secure software development of CyberCamp 2016 aims to assess current skills and raise awareness about the importance of the need for developers to have the necessary knowledge and tools to create secure code. In addition, the competition for secure software development presents the following merits:

  • Identification of talent, technical skills and knowledge of security on behalf of the participants.
  • Educational context (teaching and learning) for the improvement of secure software development skills.
  • Development of skills and obtaining experience in a competitive setting.
  • An entertaining atmosphere that promotes fun and recreation.

To complement this initiative for awareness of secure software development, a workshop will take place with free entry during the CyberCamp 2016 event.

Registration and participation

Registration closed.


The competition for secure software development will last approximately 8 hours and will take place on 3 December 2016 as part of the CyberCamp 2016 event.


The organization will supply free lodgement to the selected participants for the tournament in CyberCamp 2016.


The best three participants will be awarded with technology prizes in the following categories: 

  • First prize: latest generation laptop computer.
  • Second prize:: professional tablet.
  • Third prize: latest generation tablet.

For any enquiries, please contact us by sending an email to the following address: