CyberCamp 2016What is CyberCamp?

CyberCamp is the major cybersecurity event that INCIBE organises on a yearly basis for the purpose of identifying, appealing, managing and contributing to the creation of talent in cybersecurity that can be transferred to the private sector according to its demands. This initiative is one of the tasks that the Trust in the Digital Sphere Plan, included in the Spain’s Digital Agenda, has requested INCIBE to carry out.

In 2014, its first edition, it gathered the best talents in the field of cybersecurity and the best students in cybersecurity training programmes, both at a national and international level. It also included activities for families, students, professionals and job seekers.

In 2015 we broadened the scope of the event and offered a wide range of activities aiming to raise awareness among families and minors. As a result, CyberCamp became a meeting point for young talents, families, experts and anybody who is interested in cybersecurity, bringing together over 10,000 people.

In 2016, we are bringing cybersecurity to everybody, extending our range of activities and conferences even more so all citizens can enjoy it. It doesn't matter what cybersecurity knowledge you have, at CyberCamp you will find activities for all levels so every day during the event you can get involved and learn more about the field of cybersecurity.

You're not going to miss it, are you?

CyberCamp 2016 will be held on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th December 2016 in León. The main goal of CyberCamp is to identify, appeal and encourage talent in cybersecurity. Our goals are:

To identify professional careers for young talents. Here you can advertise your talent!
To reach families by means of technical, awareness and outreach activities concerning cybersecurity for everybody. We will get you involved in the world of cybersecurity!
To find and encourage talent in cybersecurity by means of technical workshops and challenges. We can help you orient your professional career!

Why should I attend?

Because CyberCamp will help you:

  • Test your skills.
  • Present your projects.
  • Make the most of the professional development opportunities available.
  • Develop your talent.
  • Broaden your technical knowledge.
  • Learn about cybersecurity through games.
  • Meet people like you, who share your interests.
  • Find amazing opportunities.
  • And much more... Nobody wants to miss it!

Free admission

CyberCamp is totally free. You only have to fill out the registration form and will receive your credentials by e-mail so you can access and take part in the activities you find appealing, therefore becoming part of this cybersecurity celebration!  You may register online at any time, although on-site registration will also be possible once the event has started.