Get a job in Cybersecurity

Do you know that in the next years will be a lack of between 1 and 1,5 millions of Cybersecurity specialists at a global level? Nowadays companies are seeking for professional profiles in order to meet Cybersecurity challenges, an area of knowledge in constant growth and with a real lack of Cyber experts.

In its bid for talent, employment and training in Cybersecurity, Cybercamp provides a physical and virtual meeting point between professionals, job seekers, recruiters, academic institutions, students interested in improving their education and ultimately, anyone passionate about Cybersecurity:

  • Recruiters will meet the most talented professionals in Cybersecurity.
  • Universities and training centers will be able to promote their academic programs in the field.
  • Young people interested in Cybersecurity will have the opportunity to know the occupational and academic programs related to the Industry.
  • People actively seeking employment in the field will have direct access to job offers, participate in selection processes, and they could even receive a personalized consulting session provided by human resources experts who will help them to optimize their CV, and thus succeed in job interviews.

Do you want to be part of it?

We offer you the following services and activities:

  • Online Cybersecurity Talent and Job Fair: this online job and education fair specialized in Cybersecurity tie educational offering and labor supply with job seekers. It will be available from November 29th to December 13th 2016. 
  • Networking Game: there are foreseen two sessions in order to let Talents connect and share experiences openly. On one hand, professionals with a large experience in the area of Cybersecurity or recruiters will meet those who could become their future collaborators. On the other hand, Cyber young talents will have the opportunity to meet firsthand the best professionals. These dynamic sessions will take place the 2nd and 3rd of December 2016 in Leon.
  • Coaching Corner: within the four days of CyberCamp, event visitors will have the opportunity to attend the personalized consulting sessions provided experienced consultants in order to increase their employability.
  • Basic cybersecurity workshops. Practical workshops about different topics related to Cybersecurity so that those people who are considering to take up Cybersecurity as a professional career can see it in first hand, additionally these workshops are also aimed to computer teachers who want to teach cybersecurity to their students