Cybersecurity workshops

Cybersecurity Workshops for Parents


  • Parental Mediation: 1-hour workshop with the aim of providing families with strategies and recommendations so that they may adopt an integral role which promotes a safe and responsible use of technology by children, avoiding alarmist or permissive positions, promoting safe and responsible use of digital technologies among children and teenagers, in both family and school environments.

Activity addressed to parents on 1 and 2 December from 19:00 to 20:00, limited spaces and subject to prior registration by sending the following information before 25 November through the mailbox.

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While the parents are attending the workshop, children may enjoy the different activities such as workshops, theatre, gymkhanas or competitions!


  • CyberConsultant: Any doubts about cybersecurity? Our expert consultants will inform you and help you in the following topics:


    • The Issue of Cyberbullying among Children: In this workshop the main aspects defining cyberbullying will be discussed: definition of the phenomenon, parties involved, how it is carried out. We will also discuss how to suspect it and detected it and how to act in these situations.
    • Sexting and Dating Apps: We will analyse the concept of sexting and why the children practise it, what the main issues associated with sexting are, why it is a phenomenon which is increasingly popular and what guidelines the family must give and we will discuss dating apps and services.
    • Is Privacy Really that Important for my Child's Future? We will discuss privacy for ICTs , the importance of safeguarding the privacy of minors, giving reasons and specific examples so that the parents may evaluate how this can affect them now and in their future, and we will also discuss the importance of not sharing images of minors online.
    • Should we Spy on what our Child does on the Internet? We will address the importance of parental mediation and digital education from the family in the prevention of dangers of ICT tools for minors. We will discuss the differences between digital education and parental espionage defining the appropriate limit in digital education, emphasizing the rights to privacy of minors regarding their electronic communications.
    • Guide to Correct Use of Parental Control: Start guide which explains to parents how to use such a useful tool like the parental control on mobile devices and computers.
    • Risks in Online Games: Workshop addressing the main risks for minors in online games, explaining how to avoid them and how to act in a situation in which the minor has been affected through these games
    • At What Age Should I Give my Child a Mobile Phone?: In this workshop we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of allowing children to have their own mobile device at a certain age. We will address key aspects such as the maturity of the minor, main use of the mobile phone, risks and risk prevention and how to teach them to use it in a responsible way.
    • Learning to Use a Smartphone in a Safe Way: A Smartphone allows us to perform many actions with just one hand but which also entails a degree of responsibility and risks for its owner if it is not used appropriately. In this workshop we will learn to use these devices in a safe way and to identify and avoid potential risks.


Under the guidance of David Cortejoso, Clinical Psychologist and holder of a Master's Degree in Behaviour Therapy and specialist in the risks of the inappropriate use of ICTs for children and teenagers. And Josep Albors, a professional with more than 10 years of experience in the field of computer security.



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