European Cyber Security Challenge 2016

At present, cybersecurity professionals are in high demand. However, even though the amount of cybersecurity professionals has quadrupled during the last decade, existing demand is still not met.  This is why many European countries are setting up national cybersecurity contests in order to find young talents in the field, encouraging them to pursue a technical professional career in cybersecurity.

The competition European Cyber Security Challenge (ECSC) is an initiative from ENISA and carried out by a group of European countries that organise national cybersecurity competitions. 


  • 1st Edition: You can check out all the information on the European Cyber Security Challenge 2015 edition.
  • 2nd Edition: This year's edition took place between 7th and 11th November in Düsseldorf (Germany). On this occasion, our team's results couldn't have been better since we came out first and won the competition!

We are currently working on some special contents with videos and specific information to post in this section. Until then, check out this article where we provided some general remarks on this year's edition of ECSC2016.

Soon we will update this section with information about our team's victory!