What is Hackathon?

A Hackathon is a collaborative software (or hardware) development meeting or event held over a short period of time. The term combines the words hacker (a restless person, anxious for knowledge. An expert enthusiast, often associated with software, hardware and technology) and marathon (in the sense of a competitive, collective experience with a common goal).

Objectives of the CyberCamp 2016 Hackathon

The CyberCamp 2016 Hackathon will see participating teams compete against each other to develop and improve new and existing open source cybersecurity tools, providing new features, improvements and innovative capacities for the Free and Open Source Software project selected. This year you could develop a solution about an industrial system SCADA (Supervisory control and data acquisition).


Participants must challenge themselves to the extreme, collaborate in a team and demonstrate their knowledge of security and their development skills. The teams judged to have performed the best will be included among the competition winners.

Contributions made during the Hackathon will provide new skills to the security community, thus achieving a tangible result in a short space of time. In addition, the continuation and future evolution of the contributions and tools developed is expected: "The Hackathon must be the start..."

What's more, the Hackathon has the following objectives and benefits:

  • Identification of talent and technical and creative skills of the participants
  • Educational environment (teaching and learning) for the improvement of investigation skills and software development
  • An environment that facilitates the development of social skills, promoting collaboration, teamwork and networking
  • Development of skills and experience of a competitive environment
  • A recreational setting that promotes enjoyment and entertainment


Given that a marathon is a long distance race of 42 km and 195 m, the Hackathon will have a similar duration: some 42 hours approximately, spread across the different days of the CyberCamp 2016 event.


The organization will supply free lodgement to the best proposals sended for the competition.


Each member of the teams judged to be the three best will be awarded with a technology prize:

  • First prize: a professional tablet for every member of the winning team.
  • Second prize: a next generation tablet for every member of the team in second place.
  • Third prize: a next generation smartwatch for every member of the team in third place.

Also, if you are an univerity student you can get ECTS credits.

Here are the winners of the Hackathon 2016!  

After 4 days of intense competition, we can communicate who have been the winners of this year. Congratulations to Ontic, NoSmurfs and Ulétic de León.

Next you will see the final ranking of the winners as well as the name of the tool and its repo.

Information of the rest is as follow:

From the organization of the workshop we want to thank all the finalists for your presence. It has been a real pleasure to spend these days with you.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Hackathon 2017!


To choose the best teams, we have an expert jury:

  • Vicente Aguilera (@VAguileraDiaz, Director of Internet Security Auditors).
  • Sergi Álvarez (@trufae, Author of Radare & Mobile Security Analyst at NowSecure).
  • José Selvi (@joseselvi, author of Delorean).
  • Roberto Santalla (@rsroobre)
  • Raúl Siles (@raulsiles, Dinosec founder and senior security analyst).

Registration and participation 

The period to send the participation form ended November 1 at 23:59 (CET). Thank you very much to all participants to send your proposal!

Next week, we will contact with the participants to confirm if the proposal was selected.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at the email address

Selected proposals

The next proposals have been selected for the participation in the CyberCamp 2016 Hackathon. The list includes the name of the team and the proposed tool:

  • Catedra Dars - UAH - UNIR (Autopsy Module for NLP)
  • NoSmurfs (Secure Home Key)
  • Donde esté un trianero está Triana (Gigante-scada)
  • LABLAB (NACC, Network Access Control - Cybersecurity)
  • Robotics Group of the University of León (ROS Cipherer)
  • Extaticode (Droidsinia)
  • SpyDev (InfoEvidence)
  • Ontic (NoFraud)
  • GoodGuys (RemordiMentor)
  • Ulétic de León (RFID Security)