THANK YOU! It wouldn't have been possible without you!

After more than 100 schools, high schools and vocational training centres had their cybersecurity know-how put to the test during a neck and neck online phase, the exhilarating final round took place on Saturday 28 November. The 10 finalists from the online round went up against each other while the CyberCamp 2015 event was taking place. Participants started arriving first thing in the morning, and their faces were mirror images of how they were feeling and would continue to feel throughout the rest of the competition: nervous but excited.

The clock was ready to start counting down, the participants had already received their access credentials, and just when everyone's watches marked 12:18 the long-awaited final round finally began. The youngsters did not hesitate for even a second before accessing the platforms, and barely 20 minutes later the first applauses and cries of encouragement could be heard from ''the sidelines'': one of the teams had just solved the first challenge! From then on, the rest of the participants would go on to reach the other objectives one by one. The audience was now watching two and only two   things: either the computer with the attack machine, or the scoreboard with the different schools' points, and when only 30 minutes were left the school rankings "disappeared". This increased the tension between the competitors who were focused, now even more so, on concentrating their efforts on solving the different challenges.

With only 10 seconds remaining in the 1st Edition of the CyberOlympics, the countdown began and part of the pavilion joined in, adding even more energy and pressure to the already tense atmosphere. The competition ended with three blows of a whistle, and at that exact moment all eyes turned to the scoreboard. The participants, however, would have to wait a few more seconds to know their scores. To add to the excitement even more, the winners who had come in 3rd, 2nd and 1st place were announced over the microphone before the rankings were displayed.

The final result was as follows:

  1. Error404blasdepradonotfound – From IES Blas de Prado High School (Camarena, Toledo)
  2. ALBERTIES – From IES Rafael Alberti High School (Cádiz)
  3. montse – From Colegio Montserrat School (Madrid)

From the Organising Committee of the CyberOlympics, we would like to stress the high competitive level shown by all of the students who took part, as well as thank everyone who formed part of this activity - and not only the finalists, but also the 100 schools, high schools and vocational training centres that have made it possible to launch this initiative which we absolutely plan on holding again.

How we celebrated the award ceremony: