CyberCamp 2015 will once again host any coder's favourite event - the Hackathon. This year, you and your team will have to compete against other teams to develop or improve upon open source cybersecurity tools. 

Objectives of the CyberCamp Hackathon

A Hackathon is a face-to-face meeting or event in which there is collaborative development of software (or hardware) over a short period of time. The term combines the concepts of hacker (as a person with an eagerness and thirst for knowledge, an enthusiastic expert, usually associated with software, hardware and technology) and marathon (as a competitive collective experience with a common goal).

In our Hackathon, the participating teams will compete against other teams to develop or improve new or existing open source cybersecurity tools, thus contributing new functionalities, improvements or innovative capacities to the free software project selected.

Participants must employ maximum effort, work as a team, and demonstrate their knowledge about security and development skills. The best rated teams will be amongst the winners of the competition.

The contributions made during the Hackathon will give the security community new capabilities, with a tangible result being obtained over a short period of time. Additionally, it is expected that there will be continuity and a future evolution of the contributions and tools developed: “The Hackathon should only be the beginning…”. 

Our Hackathon has the following objectives and virtues:

  • Identification of talent and technical and creative skills of participants.
  • Educational environment (teaching and learning) to improve software research and development capabilities.
  • An environment that allows social capabilities to be developed, promoting collaboration and teamwork and encouraging networking.
  • Development of skills and the obtaining of experience in a competitive environment.
  • A fun environment promoting entertainment.


Given that a marathon is a long-distance race of 42km and 195m, the Hackathon will similarly last 42 hours, distributed over the different days associated with the CyberCamp 2015 event, with a daily rest of 8 hours being recommended.

Over almost 4 days, 24 hours a day (from the afternoon of Thursday 26 November until the morning of Sunday 29 November), as participants you must use your potential to the maximum, work as a team and demonstrate your knowledge and skills with the objective of winning the competition!

Our finalists:

  • VulsecureTeam (Vulsecure)
  • Spark Zero (Metasploit)
  • Beekeepers (SmartHive)
  • Cátedra DARS - UNIR (Owade)
  • FlyWire Team (FlyPass)
  • SecurityArtWork (MEMT)
  • Ontic (YAES)
  • Nottingham Prisa (Pyersinia)
  • ShellWarp (Open Banner Grabbing System)
  • Mustaco (Auditware)
  • UrjcWorks (MontyPlugin)
  • Iptables lo peta-bles (Googlespoof)
  • Develovers (Nmap)

Final stage

All members of the 3 best teams will be awarded technological prizes within the following categories:

  • First prize: a laptop for each member of the winning team.
  • Second prize: a smartphone for each member of the runner-up team.
  • Third prize: a smartwatch for each member of the third-placed team.

To choose the best 3 teams, we have an expert jury:

  • Vicente Aguilera (Director Dpto. Auditoría - Internet Security Auditors)
  • Sergi Álvarez (@pancake, author Radare)
  • David Barroso (@lostinsecurity, desarrollador de Yersinia)
  • Raúl Siles (Fundador y analista de seguridad de DinoSec)

The final ranking of the competition is:

  1. Ontic (YAES) - https://github.com/onticsoluciones/yaes
  2. SecurityArtWork (MEMT) - https://github.com/SecurityArtWork/MEMT
  3. Cátedra DARS - UNIR (Owade) - https://github.com/CarlosLannister/OwadeReborn
  4. UrjcWorks (MontyPlugin) - https://github.com/MikeSnow/MontyPlugin
  5. Iptables lo peta-bles (Googlespoof) - https://github.com/roobre/googlespoof
  6. FlyWire Team (FlyPass) - https://github.com/peertransfer/flypass
  7. Beekeepers (SmartHive) - https://github.com/BeeKeepers/smarthive-frontend
  8. Nottingham Prisa (Pyersinia) - https://github.com/nottinghamprisateam/pyersinia
  9. ShellWarp (Open Banner Grabbing System) - https://github.com/jirojo2/obgs
  10. Mustaco (Auditware) - https://github.com/Junquer-G/AuditWare
  11. VulsecureTeam (Vulsecure) - https://github.com/adon90/vulsecure
  12. Develovers (Nmap) - https://github.com/hervemuneza/vizmap
  13. Spark Zero (Metasploit)

Rules of participation

Both the rules and the registration form are available for you to consult on the participation rules webpage.

If you have any questions, please contact us at the following e-mail address: