CyberSecurity Spaces

Technological teacher sessions

The objective of these sessions is to allow High School Diploma and Professional Training teachers of technological subjects to independently teach their students the 8 workshops on Cybersecurity made available by INCIBE. All of the characteristics of these sessions can be found on the INCIBE website.

We highlight the following:

  • Target audience: High School Diploma and/or Professional Training teachers of technological subjects.

  • Duration: approximately 5 hours.

  • Number of attendees: 20-30 teachers per session.

  • Other data of interest: After completing the sessions the teachers in attendance will receive:

    • A participation diploma.

    • A slide show presentation during the session.

    • A package with additional information necessary for independently teaching the sessions.

    • 8 presentations for teaching each subject.

    • A tool kit for conducting case studies.